Wellcome to my web site.
M.S.C. Adrian Navarro ( Janux ); He has a Master Degree in Computational Systems oriented to IT (2005) He received an honorific mention to academic Exelence and and He is also Engineer in Electronics and Comunications. He initially studied Unix in 1994 at U de G (CUCEI) which was very exiting to him... then as it is now while He continues his studies which in some peoples eyes may make him a

( G-E-E-K / N-E-R-D / Ñ-O-ÑO )

As He becomes more involved in the Open Source and Linux community in Mexico and eventually... He becomes a co-founder of the LinuxCabal in Guadalajara, some friends say :

"His enthusiasm knows no bounds but this page is finite so he will have to convey his enthusiasm personally at the weekly LinuxCabal Install fests."

A little history:

"Remenver, from 91-96 some friends and I went to UTC in our school CUCEI to take a curse ... we were surprised because we want to learn Novell but the course was finished so we took UNIX, and the destiny as always.... kicked us to get into the NIX* world".

Janux (me) has principal interesting in: SAP/R3/ECC, Sap DB->MaxDB, PHP5, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, he knows a little bit about UML, Lisp, Prolog, Linux, he likes the philosophy of GNU, and then results GNU & Linux. so finally he likes: research, networks and the security, in production systems, take a look to: SecurityFocus, CERT, SecuriTeam, RTM Secury Group

Janux is an Independent cosultant


Janux knows bussiness areas, process re-engenering, total quality isues, B2B, CRMs, SCM, BI, ERPs, etc... He puts tech & experience together to offer companies a wide varity of solutions. Janux Principally whants to help mexican companies to success in IT areas.

Now, to stop boring you I meet GNU/Linux a few years ago. Later on I was looking in the Internet for a place to start or join some GNU/Linux group, well I just clicked on LinuxCabal and it happend. For days I was in the creation of the place that you can see at The Creation

You can ask Google to obtain more details.

Well now, because some people ask for it, there it is My BLOG

In this Blog: photograps, events, personal experiences, works, and a lot of stuff.

E-Mail: janux.gdl@gmail.com
Cel.: 33 1082-9429

Version: 3.1
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