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BOBJ On Linux Red-Hat 5.4 WORKING


Artículo original escrito por Adrián Navarro. Sígueme en Twitter.
I just want to share… I just Installed BOBJ 3.1 over GNU/Linux Red-Hat 5.4, using MySQL 5.0XX Data Base, it was a little trike at the beginning but after the 3th installation, no problems at all, now we are working on the Designer, Xcelsius, CrystalReports and all the tools to put all things working together. I try over CentOS 5.4 and it works fine ( A laptop Intel Core 2 duo 4GB RAM ), just remember to install the libraries for the Operating System, the ENV variables and all will work. At the end I made 35 Installations under different scenarios like: Fresh installs, unpatched O.S. installs, etc…



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